Francesca Cipollaro
Co-Director Corporate Partnerships, PWN Rome

She has managed and led strategic programs of technological and organizational transformation in large companies in different industries for about 20 years, working in cross functionl teams.

In these last years her experience was focused on Digital Transformation projects in banking and Payment Services companies.

Due to her inclinations,academic background and a very diverse career path, she has built a "liquid" professionalism that allows her a high degree of adaptability in highly dynamic contexts.

She is currently working on regulatory strategies and competitive intelligence for the digital payments and telecommunications market.

She is mentor for several non-profit associations, Professor of Practice at the LUISS Business School Master in Marketing & Management Course and contributor to the course of omnichannel Marketing at the University of La Sapienza in Rome.

She started as a volunteer from 2018 to 2019, contributing to the marketing & communication team.

From September 2019 is a member of the Board of PWN Rome with the responsibility to develop and execute the Marketing and Communications plan aimed to promote the Association initiatives across multiple channels.

She was born in Naples, currently lives in Rome with her husband Dom, her daughter Carolina and a beagle named Daesy.

She loves to take walks in the mountains and outdoor sports.