What is empowerment?

In order to support our Members, also for 2020, PWN Rome has developed the Empowerment Agenda.  

The Empowerment Program is characterized by a rich training offer, integrated with the individual Mentoring program.


The training will support Members in their individual growth and in the ability to adapt, react to stress and changes, present themselves stronger and more prepared in professional and personal challenges, manage their emotions and relationships with others. 

Some of our courses are already in their third or fourth edition and boast important testimonials. We have also trained over a hundred members over the previous years and will continue to offer our content, enriched and renewed.


All of classes, although each one with specific topics, keep attention and are focused on the relevance to reduction on gender gap and the promotion of the diversity. 

All PWN Trainers are managers and Professionals able to support our Members growth improving their soft skills.


The Empowerment Program will start at mid of September. Please discover now the courses details HERE.


Deadlines and Registration:

kick off date is planned on September 17th,

from 18th September to 4th October 2020 google form subscription HERE.

In case you are a Corporation please contact corporate@pwnrome.net. 

5th October 2020 Subscription end,

12th October 2020 Courses start,

19th February 2021 Courses end.


Don't miss the opportunity to join the Empowerment Program.


PWN Rome Empowerment Program is reserved for members.

To participate in the program, renew your membership or join now! 



Maurizio D’Ascenzo

Director, Personal & Professional Empowerment
















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