Balance Ladership

Balanced leadership


Balanced leadership is no longer simply the 'right' thing to do.


Forward thinking companies and professionals know that putting balanced leadership at the heart of their business strategies will lead to sustainable growth and profits.


With PWN Rome you can access the latest trends and global thinking on balanced leadership, by enrolling in our Program.


Women often find that in the effort to advance they have developed only a part of what they are, leaving behind vital aspects of themselves. In the midst of substantial results, women often report feeling emptied, tired or invisible.


Completeness and balance in ourselves are crucial to face the challenges of a modern world and be successful.


  • My leadership in action - 1,5 days full-time workshop
  • Dates: TBC
  • Trainer: Silvia Gollini Daum _ Leadership and Diversity Consultant
  • Fee: Eur 100






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