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Are you a journalist wanting to find out more about PWN Global and its work? Let us make things easy for you! We have an extensive directory of accomplished expert, media-ready speakers who are able to give interviews and opinion pieces on many topics relating to gender balanced leadership.

In addition to our great expert resource, we'd be happy to provide you with our complete press pack.

  • PWN Global announces new Board Members to further advance gender-balanced leadership

    15 November 2023 Language : English

    Paris, November 15th, 2023 — PWN Global, the renowned federation of PWN city networks spanning across more than 25 cities worldwide, proudly announces the appointment of new board members dedicated to advancing gender balanced leadership in businesses and in society, in general. With over 3,000 members representing 90 nationalities and a community of 30,000+, PWN Global has been at the forefront of creating positive change in the professional landscape.

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  • Amie Louie, PWN Global's VP Fundraising Chosen as Urban Queen

    21 February 2022 Language : English

    International renowned artist, Ramona Pintea collaborates with Women of Influence and Hotel Zena for the launch of the #WearYourCrown♥ Global Campaign - and we're delighted to announce that our very own Amie Louie, VP Fundraising for PWN Global and PWN Milan member, has been selected by Ramona as one of the 9 Urban Queens

    We're challenging, Inspiring, empowering, and elevating women, all over the world, to join this campaign and #WearYourCrown♥ to raise funds for women and girls’ issues. 

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  • IE University and PWN Global unite to advance women and girls through education and leadership development scholarships. 

    5 August 2021 Language : English

    IE University, an institution of higher learning that specializes in an innovative approach to training impactful leaders capable of creating a better tomorrow, has joined with PWN Global to offer a series of impressive scholarships to the PWN membership community. 

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  • French & Romanian female business leaders join forces to advance Gender-Balanced Leadership with global network

    15 July 2021 Language : English

    PWN Global, the leading global organization of female professionals advancing gender-balanced leadership across business and society has elected Co-Presidents Nadine Castellani of Lyon and Virginia Otel of Bucharest to lead the network in its crucial post-pandemic journey ahead.   

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  • The Power of Women Working Together - Creating Our Future

    24 June 2021 Language : English

    PWN Global was born from the willingness of women’s networks to join forces across European countries to advance gender-balanced leadership. We promote the professional progress of women across all sectors and industries. This is how it began, and how it has changed and evolved to become what it is today.

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