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  • Switzerland and D&I In the Time of CoVid19: Baby Steps Towards More Flixibility. Balanced Leadership Still Too Far Away

    26 May

    This is a crucial time for everyone interested in Diversity & Inclusion (and I wonder, would should not be…?). Hundreds of media...

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  • Why Diversity May Be About to Have a Watershed Moment

    25 May

    Today is International Diversity Day, and the right way to celebrate seems like a multilingual chorus of “Hooray!” It’s also the...

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  • COVID-19: A Turning Point for Inequality?

    23 April

    Question: What do Comoros, Micronesia, Tajikistan and Tuvalu have in common? Answer: They are among the very few – 18, to be...

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Latest research

  • Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters

    The business case for inclusion and diversity (I&D) is stronger than ever. Taking a closer look at diversity winners reveals what...

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  • Where Women Stand

    Over the past two decades women across advanced economies have made far-reaching gains, but much of this progress has been...

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  • 10 expert-backed tips for women to negotiate better salaries so they get the pay they really deserve

    TV Land

    • A survey by jobs website ZipRecruiter and Business Insider in March found that men are more likely to negotiate a...
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